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What are Moisture/Steam Separators

In an application where it is extremely important to use dry steam, moisture or steam separators should be used. Wet steam can prove to be harmful in some applications. Hence, moisture separators can be used to remove the water content, making the steam dry and fit for use. This process helps increase the thermal efficiency of an application. Using the right steam separator is important to maintain the quality of the steam.

10 Points to Make Known to Your Steam Separator Provider

When purchasing steam separators, it is important that your separator provider be informed of the following information:

  • Minimum, maximum, and normal steam flow rate of the application

  • Quality of steam entering the separator

  • Quality of steam required to leave the separator

  • Horizontal or vertical construction

  • Type of steam separators you prefer to be used:

    • Baffle
    • Centrifugal
    • Mechanical Coalescing
  • Maximum steam pressure and temperature

  • Maximum pressure drop allowed in the separator

  • Any necessary quality certifications like ASME, PED, etc.

  • Compatibility with the rest of the equipment. Ex. Flange size of connecting pipe

  • Materials of construction for the separator (carbon steel vessels with stainless steel internals are usually suitable for steam applications. You can discuss any special requirements you may have with one of the steam separator manufacturers in USA)

Since most end uses of steam require the steam to be near 100% quality levels, it is important that your steam separator design be tailored to your unique steam flow. The right design will contribute greatly to an efficient steam system. High quality dry steam is imperative for many steam applications. It helps increase overall efficiency and reduces many issues associated with equipment failure.