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What are Industrial Separators

Industrial separators are used in heavy industries like oil and gas, energy, and more. Since these industrial separators are used in critical applications, they need to be designed, manufactured, installed, and maintained with utmost attention. This equipment is used to clean gases such as steam and natural gas. Removal of contaminants from the gas stream is essential for the efficient functioning of equipment down stream. As entrainment can affect the functioning as well as cause corrosion and erosion of such equipment. Especially is this true of steam driven turbines. Separators are also critical in removing impurities from gases that will be used as a final product. Separators help in effectively separating two different media. For example, they are used to separate liquid entrainment from natural gas resulting in a pure dry gas. In this section, we will endeavor to cover a few common uses of separators.

Common Uses of Industrial Separators

There are several uses of industrial separators that are available on the market. Of these, the following are some common examples industrial applications where separators are used:

  • Gas/ Natural Gas Separators :

    Impurities and non-methane hydrocarbons are removed from raw natural gas to produce dry natural gas fit for commercial consumption.

  • Steam/ Moisture Separators :

    Steam separators help in cleaning steam not just of contaminants such as pipe scale, but also of water droplets that can form. Dry steam is essential in certain applications. In such applications wet steam could be disastrous to the downstream equipment.

  • Gas Liquid Separators :

    Liquids and contaminants are removed from the gas stream. This refers to any type of gas stream where entrainment often in the form of liquid droplets is being removed. Example: Air, CO2, Methane, ect.

When to Opt for Industrial Gas Separators

Vertical or horizontal gas separators are used in a variety of applications. They are recommended for certain situations and applications where:

  • Critical applications where efficient removal of acids is necessary. Non-removal/ carryover of these acids could result in corrosion.

  • Carryover of liquids could affect productivity or result in poisoning of the yield. Light or low surface tension liquids can be removed easily.

  • The liquid to gas ratio in weight is above 5%. Here, large amounts of liquids can be quickly extracted from gas streams.

  • Sticky liquids with high viscosity need to be removed.

  • The gas flow design point requires high turndown.

  • Lubricating oils or condensate needs to be removed from steam.

  • A product needs to be recovered. This is extremely useful in chemical and petrochemical industries.

  • The separation process can be used for pollution control as well.