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The Didion Separator Company is a division of Didion’s Mechanical. We are a leading manufacturer of a full range of moisture separators that are capable of removing 99% of all entrainment that is 10 microns and larger from gas, steam, air, and vapor pipelines. If you require better efficiencies, we can customize our products to meet your requirement. Our separation is accomplished primarily by means of centrifugal force.

Didion Separator: The Trusted Name in the World of Steam Separators

As a division of Didion’s Mechanical which went into business in 1977, Didion Separator has carved its own niche as a reliable and leading manufacturer of an extensive range of moisture separators. We at Didion Separator are fully aware of what our customers seek, and hence ensure to provide them with customized solutions in the form of efficient, low-maintenance, and technically superior steam separators.

What is a Steam Separator and Why is It Useful?

To put it simply, this is an industrial device that removes the presence of water droplets and particulates from steam. By removing these from the dry steam (ideally 99% or better of all entrainment), the device improves the steam quality which greatly extends the life of the equipment using the steam.

In a steam operated system, presence of water droplets is observed as the most common problem attributed to increases in maintenance and lower efficiencies, as it causes problems like corrosion, low productivity, and erosion.

Hence, steam or gas separators are widely used to gather and remove moisture droplets and particulates from steam, gas or compressed air pipelines in order to maintain efficient long lasting systems.

Why Opt for Didion Separator When You Need Clean Dry Steam from Your System?

Our team of expert managers and design engineers would give you more than a few reasons to choose Didion Separator as your trusted partner when it comes to effective moisture separation products.

  • Our devices separate by means of inertia and centrifugal force.Our internal separation elements are self-cleaning. Therefore, our elements do not plug up. Therefore, avoiding losses in efficiency and higher pressure drops, unlike the commonly marketed vane elements.
  • Our internal components are made of solid stainless steel and are noted for their longevity and robustness. They do not crack over time and therefore do not need replacing. Unlike the commonly marketed vane elements.
  • We are a flexible manufacturer.We have our own standard design for our separators, but we also do custom designs to meet your unique requirements. We also our happy to do the fabrication only of your separator design.
  • Our highly efficient and strategically designed separators are proven for fine scrubbing of geothermal steam.
  • We can quickly deliver the ordered product with immediate shipment to our clients' site or facility as we stock a number of standard units and are willing to build custom units in a rush.
  • We contract with a respected third party Authorized Inspection Agency called Hartford Steam Boiler of CT,which contributes further to our being a reliable manufacturer of moisture separators.
  • We hold the following ASME stamps: U, U2, U3, S, &PP. We also hold the National Board 'R' repair stamp, and we can certify and stamp your vessel with the European 'CE' stamp if required.

We offer as many as three standard moisture separator models. Didion Separator Company's Type DSL, Type DSU, and Type DST Separators are designed to eliminate 99% of all entrainment 10 microns and larger from gas, steam, air and vapor pipe lines. Our separators will not cause a significant pressure drop. Again, better efficiencies can be offered with custom designs to suit your requirements.

All standard 150# units are designed for 150 psig @ 500° F, and all standard 300# units are designed for 500 psig @ 650° F. Corrosion is always a concern, so all of our Moisture Separators have a built-in corrosion allowance for an extended service life. We use high-quality stainless steel for all internal elements to further enhance the performance of our units. All liquid separators are painted with high temperature safety blue paint.

All of our Steam Separators, Geothermal Scrubbers, Exhaust Heads, Flash Recovery Vessels, Blow Down Separators, Fabricated Strainers and Skid Packages can be custom designed in several other alloys, on request.

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